Please allow me to introduce myself … My name is Greg Amoruso.

Born a native Calgarian, I have also lived in Calgary Ward 7 for 48 years and continue to enjoy over 30
years in Calgary’s business industry.

I wish to make proactive changes within the city I love. Specifically:


Many decisions are made by less than 1% of the people and the remaining 99% of the people are rarely heard. I wish to be the voice of the 99% which benefit the majority of Calgarians and not just the favoured few.



To represent the majority of Calgarians, I will not be accepting donations for my campaign.  Thank you to all who have attempted to contribute to my campaign … the 2 reasons I do not accept donations is to
1) remain as unbiased as possible, and
2) act as a deterrent towards any political groups with agendas that may not be in the best interest for the majority of Calgarians.


Calgarians will be informed once facts are gathered, including how the decisions were conceived. 


Small Business Taxes

Property taxes for business owners have increased up to 100% over the last 2 years.  This has created financial hardship for many businesses, and to you, the Calgarian consumer, to whom part, or all these taxes are passed onto when purchasing a product or obtaining a service.  The answer to the question as to WHY there was such a dramatic increase in small business property taxes remains ambiguous to this day.  Perhaps it was due to overspending, perhaps it was due to improper budgeting, perhaps … and the list continues.  Yes, taxes are needed to function, however, over focusing on certain groups is not necessarily the solution.  A strong, honest analysis of the how and why this has occurred and must be made transparent and corrected for small business. 


Downtown Renewal

Many downtown office buildings are empty. What if we encouraged the owners of the empty buildings to convert the space to luxury living condos with proper parking?  This would rejuvenate downtown, fill vacant spaces, and provide a new tax stream.


Currently, Council wishes to rezone properties for a builder to construct virtually any structures. For example, under this proposed rezoning, if you live in a neighbourhood that only has single dwelling homes, a builder could conceivably build a multiplex right beside your home!  While this part of the proposed rezoning brings in more money to the city, it also invites many problems such as property devaluation, dramatic change in lifestyle, and creates parking problems.  This proposed rezoning must be stopped.

Council Members Salary

It seems counterproductive for council members to constantly grant themselves pay raises during a time when there should be a wage freeze, or possibly even a cut in wages. I believe those elected to office are to lead by example when possible.  Council salaries are indeed a place the council members can lead by example.  I propose wage freezes for 5 to 7 years, and in fact, a 5% wage reduction next year to “put your money where your mouth is”.  In this case, actions will speak louder than words.

Privatizing Work

Privatizing work can be a beneficial service for some services and products. There are certain services and products that should not be privatized as it lowers the standard of service and quality.

Spending and Revitalization

No one would argue the advantages of revitalization for a city. Calgary has been fortunate to see many good projects in the recent past.  It is now time to begin a focused budget where spending on revitalization stops for a short time.  This will allow us to replenish the budget including budgeting for future renovations. Once we have a grasp on our finances so that we are in control of our finances, and not our finances in control of us, we can move forward with more projects.


With the growing demands of our roads and transportation system, it is vital that transportation systems such as bus and train routes have a higher priority in our city. 



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